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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Preview Screening!

Preview Screening!

Sneak peek of select episodes of FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO'S CURSE! at Chiller Theatre April 25th and 26th!  Information can be found at

The screening will be held at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in Parrasipany, NJ.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

New trailer!!!

Flesh for the Beast - Tsukiko's Curse Preview from Fever Dreams VOD on Vimeo.
New trailer!!!
"Shooting on location in Northern New Jersey and New York City, the web series will introduce audiences to a team of paranormal investigators whose task it is to explore the dark occult fringes of reality. The trio consists of Maho Honda as Tsukiko, a beautiful Japanese girl and a highly sensitive psychic; Patrick Daniel Smith as Parsons, a skeptical science-based researcher with an obsession for the paranormal and Charlotte Pines as Fortune, a free spirit and new-age mystic with just enough science to keep her grounded.
Each episode will feature strange, eccentric characters, eerie atmospherics and an unsettling mix of horror, gore and eroticism. The show will concoct a frightful brew of J-Horror and Reality horror thrills."

Congratulations to director Carl Morano and editor Andrew Sterling for moving heaven and earth to get through post and deliver a 6 episode fx heavy series!!!

Flesh in post!

Flesh in post!

With principal photography finished, Flesh moves into post production. It's always exciting to see the scenes you've shot out of order come together. It's also nice to see the cast again after so long. Everyone was wonderful to work with.

The Manifest Chronicles: Veronica Chais

New trailer

Young director David Roberts has just finished a trailer for his thesis film "Veronica Chais" Still in postproduction, Veronica Chais is a sci-fi thriller about a marginalized young woman who learns to unlock and control her innate ability to teleport.

Flesh FX

Flesh FX

Part of the fun of shooting this show is getting to shoot some great monster make-up FX created by FX artist Ashley Thomas.

This is just one of the monsters Ashley has created for the show besides your standard blood splatters, projectile vomiting and other less  palatable effects that I won't mention here. I'll just leave it with, I've never seen anybody do that with a tube of chocolate before. My hat is off to Ashley.

You can check out more of Ashley's work on her site at:

Flesh in Fangoria!!!

Flesh in Fangoria!!!
I got to fill in as DP for Fever Dreams's latest web TV series "Flesh For the Beast" back in May starting with it's second episode. In that time Fangoria magazine put up an article about the show on their website. Fangoria is the biggest magazine in the horror genre, so it's very exciting when they take notice.

You can check out the article here:

No budget sci-fi thriller!

Working with film student David Roberts to lens his ambitious sci-fi thriller "Veronica Chais", which is a small vignette to a larger story titled "Manifest Chronicles".

The story is set in a world where a small minority of the Earth's population develop telekinetic powers of varying degrees. Life becomes stifling when the rest of the world regulates the gifted minority through mandatory pharmaceutical implants.

Pulling off a "sci-fi" anything can be daunting at any budget much less the "no budget" level, but David's friends are talented and committed to taking the time to get it right. I'm excited to lend my talents to the cause and to an interesting story.

"Becoming Elsie" Trailer

"Becoming Elsie" The movie trailer.

The story of Elsie's rescue and how she gives back to the world.

I'm working with Elsie's person on a documentary about the life and travels of Elsie spanning from when she was rescued from the streets of NYC, through surviving breast cancer. The film will also discuss the unfair reputation of this all American family dog and how she Elsie-with the help of her person-is working to change the perception of pit bulls in the eye of the general public.

2013 Marks Elsie's 7 year adoption anniversary. You can visit Elsie on her Facebook here

and give her a "Like". She loves "Likes".