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Monday, November 10, 2014

"What Heavenly Body" places at the James River Shorts festival.

"What Heavenly Body" is now an award winning short!!! "WHB" was selected as a finalist in the James River Shorts Festival on Nov. 7th and won Second Place. The screening took place at the beautiful Virginia Museum of Fine Art.

"What Heavenly Body" is a love letter of sorts depicting an astronaut chasing what he thinks is a shooting star, but turns out to be something more grand.

Cast and crew were with me at the screening to support the film. Thank you's and hugs go out to them; Christopher, Curt, and, of course, my muse Anna!

I plan on submitting "WHB" to a few more festivals before putting it up on the website for public viewing probably in the summer of 2015.

Monday, November 3, 2014

"BILL" Warapped!!!

We wrapped on "BILL" late on a Tuesday evening around midnight. Crew and talent were great and fun to work with. The blooper reel will be amazing. Congratulations to Ariel for successfully directing her first short!
"Bill" has a head start on post as Ariel was editing as we went along. She still has sound design and a color grade to complete, but promises to have a finished cut by Christmas! Can't wait to see everybody at the wrap party!